Supervision of completed student research (i.e. awarded degrees) as at October 2018


University of the Witwatersrand:

PhD: 9 and MSc(Eng) Dissertations and Investigational Project Reports: 53; MEng Research Reports: 3.


In association with the University of Twente, the Netherlands & Others: MSc: 40


Current Research Foci


In addition to keeping track of Phase Three of the EPWP (2014/15 to 2018/19), McCutcheon’s main focus of research is on 'Small Contractor Development in SA: Policy, Procedures and Case Studies


Current and Recent Supervision Details: 2013 to 2018



Muzondo FT. (Ms)

The limitations in public procurement practices in relation to contractor selection criteria: the importance of technical qualifications and experience


Dube S

Operational improvement of roads and Stormwater maintenance within the South African metropolitan Municipalities


MSc(Eng) Dissertation


Visser H. (Dr)

The effect of incomplete definition in the project life cycle domain affecting the critical success factors of project management of small scale projects.


MSc(Eng) Investigational Project Report


Summary of student research completed since 2013


MSc(Eng) Investigational Project Report


Successfully completed, to October 2018


Sekano L. Ms (2018)

Investigating Contractor Liability on Construction Projects: Risk Management as structured in FIDIC Contracts for Projects in South Africa with specific reference to Insurance


Mahlangu I. Ms (2018)

The effectiveness of a contractor development programme in the development of small contractors – an evaluation of a road construction project in the Eastern Cape


Chiloane S. Ms (2018)

Assessing the effectiveness of projects that are aimed at reducing water loss in Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality


Govender N. (2017)

An Investigation into the Management of Successful General Building and Civil Engineering Contractors in Gauteng


Mwamlima B. Ms (2017)

An evaluation of employment creation and skills transfer during the delivery of capital projects in sub-Saharan Africa: A focus on three selected case studies


Govender C. Ms (2016)

An examination of Rand Water’s skills development for the production of quality drinking water locally


Mohlala FT. Ms (2015)

The relationship between project performance of emerging contractors in government infrastructure projects and their experience and technical qualifications: an analysis of 30 projects conducted in the Mpumalanga Province over the 2011-2013 period.


Segers, I. (2013)

The feasibility of using rubble masonry concrete on Dam Structures during rehabilitation in South Africa to increase productive labour opportunities (2013)


First Draft (2018)

Kopung S.

Contractor Development Management in Engineering North West Province.



MEng Research Report


Dumakude M. Ms (2016)

The effectiveness of Enterprise Development Programmes in the Civil Engineering Construction Sector and the Sustainability of Enterprise Development beneficiaries (Emerging Contractors ) after they have exited the programmes implemented by Established Civil Contractors (2016)


Dlamini MR. Ms (2015)

An investigation of the challenges faced by emerging contractors in KwaZulu-Natal Province (2015)